I’ve been feeling so dissatisfied lately. I believe it is some combination of working at a job I find so un-stimulating mentally and then also some good, old-fashioned loneliness. After eight hours spent standing around at the cafe, I don’t really feel like making the rush-hour journey across the lake to hang with friends. Having mostly finished school applications, I then don’t really have any pressing matters to attend to at the end of shifts either. And so, I work out or read or watch the Daily Show or research anti-aging serums. This feels like limbo. How do my friends in the food service industry cope with this sense of stagnation?

Ultimately, what motivates me in life is a desire to be surrounded by kind, interesting, fun people who genuinely care about me. I suppose when I feel that I don’t have this, I focus inwards, rather than outwards. I seek to make myself better, rather than actually making efforts to get out and meet people or make plans to spend quality time with those I love.


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