“Why do you want to be a doctor?”

I had a nightmare last night wherein I was asked this same question during a medical school interview. What is one supposed to say, anyway? It would seem that the only acceptable answer is that one wants to help people. THIS IS BULLSHIT. (In every job, one helps someone. That is why they pay you.) Only in medicine must one at every juncture demonstrate an unflappable sense of selflessness, real or feigned. (If the former, they then break you.) I doubt any admissions committee would approve of the reasons that are true and personal to me, namely, my love of parasitic protists and my interest in being paid to see fucked-up shit. I have struggled the past fews weeks and months to think of acceptable answers I can give that will allow me to hold onto my integrity a bit longer.

“I am just sincerely devoted to the cause of making rich people more attractive.”


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