Life Updates

Enjoyed a rather surreal and altogether wonderful birthday weekend. Events included a Facebook company cruise, the Original Pancake House, a tomato battle, Delancey’s, and the Perseid meteor shower. (Not much in this life beats killing a bottle of red and watching glowing debris fall from the sky. Home fries – maybe.)

Finished some awesome books. Learned some pointless skills.

Sprained ankle in unfortunate cartwheel-related accident. (This occurred at some point during a day of river tubing, brat-eating, and beer-drinking in a kitsch, Bavarian-themed tourist trap.) As a result, today’s mile-long swim involved upper body only. Street as fuck.

Completed sixth tenth job interview, so far. Rewarded myself with a rather inappropriate shopping spree and also muesli. (Despite receiving a fair number of interviews, I am receiving zero offers. I am so tired of hearing “Aren’t you a little overqualified for this job?” and “We’re worried about longevity.” Or as the plastic surgeon who interviewed me put it: “You’re smart. Won’t you be bored as hell at this shitty job?”)

Dream job interview is Monday. Thank God for calming manatees.

Can’t not watch Parks & Rec.


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