Go back to sleep, Psycho.

Problem: Friends suck lately. (Not you, B.)

Solution: Make new friends.

Problem: How?

Solution: Dance, play football, volunteer, ….leave house.

Problem: New social situations scare me.

Solution: Pretend they don’t and then they won’t.

Problem: I live with my mother and I’m so over Seattle.

Solution: Hmm, tricky. Quit the job you love and move on to something more lucrative? Borrow money and run away to Austin? Um, just be happy that you have an incredibly nice house to live in and a roommate who does all the cleaning? The last one, I guess.

Problem: Can’t get hours at the job I love. Broke.

Solution: Look at new jobs, while enjoying chance to get ahead on applications and triathlon training.

Problem: Nervous about future.

Solution: Relax. If right now is going okay, then the future will sort itself out.


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