1976 Raleigh Competition

Spent the day eating delicious Ethiopian food, going on a date with my ex-roommate’s best friend’s roomate’s ex-boyfriend, and buying the most beautiful the bicycle in the world.

I’ve been searching for just the right bike for the past two years. Now, I can’t stop looking at it. And smiling. And feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. I guess the term would be “infatuation.” Oh, Bikey, you’re just so light and solid and pretty. I want to buy you all the things.

In other news, dating’s the worst, really. Isn’t it, though? A cute boy is exploding my phone with texts. I’m returning them days later. The last few months have just taken so much out of me. I feel vulnerable and deeply protective of my mental space. Maybe this will keep me from making so many of the same mistakes…Also, bumping into ex-roommate and ex-roommate’s best friend mid-date – nice one, God. Ditto receiving the text “ARE YOU GUYS BANGING?” moments later.


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