I believe “love is action.” The people I care about, I want to do nice things for (including but not limited to sharing music, making grilled cheese sandwiches, protecting them from spiders, replacing lost buttons, and just shutting up and just listening to what they are feeling).

Being taken care of can be really wonderful, too. Especially when everything feels rotten and you feel down and whiny and intolerable, despite your better efforts not to be.

I’ve been having a rough month and some people have been taking very good care of me. Thank you to my sister for telling me what I’ve been wanting to hear; thank you to my roommate for taking me out for a day at the spa (and listening to most of my whining); thanks to my mom for the flowers and the endless text messages; and much, much love to my newest favorite person for this:

Remember that time I told you I’d sit and study with you or make dinner?  That is a long-standing offer without expiration date.  And not just studying or food-making, but throwing mushy pears against brick walls and cathartic running along the beach and maybe sitting quietly or what have you.  In other words, whatever you need when you need it most.  I’m really sorry about your aunt, and the generally rough weekend.  Find some sort of peace maybe next Tuesday…

You all don’t even know how much these gestures have meant to me.


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