Waking up on Elizabeth’s couch, only slightly hungover, and electing to wander the empty streets in the dark, foggy cold of the early morning, rather than take the bus. Watching a handful of early-risers, cheerfully sip coffee and pick at flaky croissants at a local coffeeshop. Meeting Kelsey at Blue Dog for the “best pancakes ever.” Wandering with Bo from the ID (snacking on cinnamon , while shopping at MomoKobo, and Uwajimaya) to Pioneer Square (browsing the Mystery Bookshop and exploring the Waterfall Garden) and then through Pike Place Market (taking in spiced cider, twinkling Christmas lights, and the teeming masses). Sharing lychee tea and and a raspberry thumbprint with a friend at Zoka, then wine and mezze with a pretty co-worker at Panos Kleftiko. The Lady Gaga Laser Show.

I declare this day seized, which reminds me….

Action-packed and oh-so-exciting plans for Sunday? Memorizing biochemistry slides and and stress-eating! Fuck yeah!


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