Gwangjang Market

After wandering through Dongdaemun, I followed a tunnel of lights into what turned out to be an eating area.

Tiny, buzzing stalls cast a surreal glow – so intense was the sheen of thick blood sausages, mung bean pancakes frying in oil, porridge cooking in huge pots, pigs’ faces, 떡볶이, octopus tentacles….I cannot convey the beauty and power of it in words. The space was filled with cheerful and inebriated diners, sharing bottles of soju and 막걸리, clapping for an elderly man who played the saxophone.

Shit straight out of Spirited Away. I fully expected the entire enterprise to vanish in front of my foreign and uninitiated eyes.

I left with two huge containers of to be enjoyed for the next morning’s breakfast.


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